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Interior Painting

Your home says a lot about you, so what do you want it to say? Interior painting can provide a well needed freshen up and align your home with the modern trends. No matter the size of your project, we can support you every step of the way, from paint and colour selections to that final touch up, you’ll be glad you chose Adorn. 

Exterior Painting

Your home is your largest asset, so it pays to look after it. External painting not only looks great and increases the value of your home, it also helps to protect the cladding of your home by preventing water-damage, rot, cracks and weathering which can otherwise lead to expensive repairs. Australian homes endure some of the harshest weather conditions and it is advised to re-paint your home every 10 years.


When improving the value of your home one thing is for certain, street appeal matters. Stand apart from the other homes in your street by adding a fresh coat of paint to your fence. This simple, inexpensive step can help tie your whole property together and provide a welcomed sight to come home to each day. 

Kitchen/Cabinetry Restoration

Your kitchen is the heart of your home but constant wear and tear can leave your kitchen feeling worn-out and damaged. A full kitchen renovation can easily be priced over $10,000, a cabinet and bench-top restoration is a fast and affordable alternative to repair and update your kitchen at a fraction of the price. Ask us what we can do to renew your kitchen!

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